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Running the Bases in America: 11 Lifestyle and Money Management Tips for Latino Ballplayers Who Come to America! is a business and lifestyle-oriented financial self-help book to help Latino ballplayers when they come to America. Actually, anyone who comes to America to pursue their "American dream" can benefit from the information in this book.

Many Latino ballplayers are recruited to come to America with promises of lots of money and a lavish lifestyle. They are excited about this opportunity to live and work in America. Little do they know that they need to be wary of con artists and opportunists. They are inundated with people trying to be their friends and those who would like to stand in the "limelight" of celebrity. Their "new friends" take advantage of them, and often, the ballplayers end up broke, even homeless.
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"Patricia Mendez-Hall's "Running the Bases In America" is the most valued book recently published. The Latino population, which has been considered a minority, is rapidly growing in size and will be the largest by 2020. Even though she wrote the book for ballplayers, everyone else can benefit and profit from it."

-Larry King

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ISBN: 9781457503368
176 pages

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